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Your property manager teamed up with Gravy to reward you for being a great renter and to help you prepare for homeownership.

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Earn rewards on rent, plus get access to a suite of financial tools that help you prepare for homeownership. When you are ready to buy, cash in your rewards to save big!

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Automatically get 5% back on your rent payments. Redeem rewards toward your future home purchase!

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Track your mortgage credit score, open a house fund, and learn the ABCs of homebuying.

Gravy is an exclusive amenity provided by Hometown Management.
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Members have earned $12M in Gravy Rewards toward their home purchases


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Members are saving up to purchase $3B worth of homes


Amazing!! The guidance, education, financial assistance, and rewards they provide FOR FREE are a true blessing! LOVE THIS APP!

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Frequently asked questions

What happens to my rewards if I move out?

You can earn extra Gravy Rewards for renewing your lease, but if you do move out, Gravy (and your rewards) move with you.

Do I change the way I pay rent?

Nope! Gravy integrates with Hometown Management's records and automatically verifies when your rent is paid.

How do Gravy Rewards work?

Gravy Rewards are stored in a digital wallet, free to earn, and can be redeemed when you're ready to buy a house 🙌

How do I redeem my rewards?

You can redeem your rewards toward your home purchase when you buy with Gravy's partner lenders and agents.

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The Gravy app and Gravy Rewards are offered to you as a resident amenity through our partnership with Hometown Management.

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